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If you look back at one of our very first vBlogs on this website you will see our CEO , Scot Combs, talking about something interesting that Google was doing.He had seen that the way SEO was being encouraged was changing, the way we rose to the top of the rankings was changing…and changing fast.

No more flooding a poor website with keywords alone, no more stunted literature disemboweling the language in order to rank up near the top…oh my , whatever will we do?

Well as it happens , a simple tried and trusted technique was being encouraged..namely …wait for it……regular good quality episodic content was to be given its rightful place in the algorithms..stretching from Silicon Valley to the furthest deepest corners of the known universe…even here in Liverpool!!!!

Somewhat in keeping with the trend we are seeing in digital and on-line thinking , we are moving back to basic values of quality and consistency. Just as we remarked recently in this blog about the technology being merely the tool and not the reason , we are seeing that just because we have an algorithm that can reward laziness and poor content we don’t have to let it rule our lives and shape behaviour.

Scot correctly stated that ( by the way, if you listen to him regularly, as you should! , he says this a lot…..) video is the sharpest tool in the box. If ever there was a time to embrace the power of the video based presentation it is now…… I know you love grinding through my ramblings every week but come on…wouldn’t it be easier to listen to stuff sometimes rather than read it? Not saying that writing is a dying art , although there are times when one might think so but rather that it has a more specific place in our offerings today. It can be argued that writing , specifically writing well, is gaining strong momentum in the business world and is seeing a renaissance …this I am delighted to see.

Video however is a very powerful medium but we should not be surprised at all about this, although there seem to be some who are! I think you will find that television has been relatively popular for quite a long time and we seem not to be tiring of it, so the chance to produce more of it , more cheaply and more easily should mean we have a good chance to develop the field and make it accessible to more people, right?

It is not just us here at 3rd Planet Media who see this, oh no! There are others like us , like David Jenyns,a well known SEO teacher and director of a video production company in Australia. He could see this progression coming. “Google holds the key to a business’s success or failure on-line” he says, “and using strictly SEO is like having all your eggs in one basket – you can’t chance it, you must diversify.”

Sounds a bit like a command from the Darleks doesn’t ti? ‘ You must diversify, diversify, resistance is futile!!!!’ but it’s true!

According to Nielsen ,the number of people watching video on a computer at least once per month is now higher, at 84 percent, than those watching TV.

In a very popular recent article called,

Don’t Mean To Be Alarmist, But The TV Business May Be Starting To Collapse by Henry Blodget. He lays out the writing on the wall for what we know as TV in the traditional sense. He shows that,

  • We almost never watch television shows when they are broadcast anymore (with the very notable exception of live sports)
  • We rarely watch shows with ads, even on a DVR
  • We watch a lot of TV and movie content, but always on demand and almost never with ads (We’re now so used to watching shows via Netflix or iTunes or HBO that ads now seem like bizarre intrusions)
  • We get our news from the Internet, article by article, clip by clip. The only time we watch TV news live is when there’s a crisis or huge event happening somewhere. (You still can’t beat TV for that, but soon, news networks will also be streamed).
  • We watch TV and movie content on 4 different screens, depending on which is convenient (TV, laptops, phones, iPad)

So after that barrage of sobering data lets enjoy some of the on-line based video advertising going on right now. Over here in Europe despite having neither money nor the prospect of any arriving soon we have maintained our perspective on life and focused on the important values which traditionally we have embraced in hard times… yes we have the European football championships going on as we speak where all manner of competing drinking teams fight it out in the town squares across the lands to see who can drink the most and make it home in one piece! Oh …and there are games of football going on around these cultural activities to provide a calming interlude between drinking sessions…anyway here is a small company called NIKE which uses the on-line community in a massive way to promote its products.

Need a breather? Not only does this video have every one of Nike’s commercial players on view but at the end of the piece the viewer is encouraged to ‘find the tunnels’ to explore the experience more, this is a fusion of entertainment and gaming which results in immersion and conversion……..I would say that this is what we call ” a result!”

see you on the long and winding road……. Patrick

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