How Google Author Rank could change content marketing… and journalism

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“Here’s a little piece of SEO nerdery that affects us all: Google is using Google+ to influence search results in a big way, and brands and media organizations alike have yet to wake up to the reality of it. Search Plus Your World — the function that prioritizes content from your Google+ connections — got started a year ago, but Author Rank could have an even bigger effect on search results. It is not officially in effect, but after working on it for seven years (previously called Agent Rank) it’s clearly the way forward for Google results.

The change is very simple — Google wants to prioritize content created by verified writers with authority in certain topics in its results. Credibility is what makes Google’s search results as efficient and useful as they are. Filtering out the spam was the goal of PageRank, and SEO spammer and linking schemes still found ways around that.

So now Google is verifying individual writers through its social network, Google+ with something called Author Rank.” More>>>

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