How NOT to Handle a Grumpy Customer

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I’ve met with many companies who are afraid of online content marketing because they don’t want negative comments appearing on the internet. Two things; 1. negative comments will happen whether you employ OCM or not and 2. their negativity is your opportunity to shine. We tell the students at our karate school … “Welcome the attack. It is an opportunity for change.” Embrace negative feedback and those who provide it. It’s valuable information that can make you a better company. If you handle it right … negatives can become strong positives. -scot 

“In the eyes of many, the Kansas City Chiefs committed the cardinal sin of social media marketing. They let a fan’s critical tweet get under their skin and reacted when they should have kept quiet.

“They did something incredibly stupid, they did something that is PR 101. Do not comment back to fans, especially when you have something to lose,” said Carrington Harrison with 610 Sports Radio. “You can’t reply to fans on twitter and tell them go root for another team, that guy is a dummy.” More>>>

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