How REI Put A Bow On Social Marketing And Wowed Customers

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“As marketers, we talk a lot about real-time response and true social agility. But very few brands were able to master the art. So is agile marketing a myth?

A lot of brands struggle with agility in marketing: thinking on their feet, coming up with original and fully custom responses, being innovative in the way they influence conversations. Marketers are used to running campaigns that take three to six months to produce.

Real-time community response is not hard. If you have time to answer a tweet or a question on Facebook, you consider it a job well done. A satisfied customer is a repeat customer, so that’s great. But to break through the noise, marketers have to master the art of not only real-time response but the art of the “wow” response–the response that actually makes customers sit up in their chairs and have them say: “Wow! That’s really creative!”

One way to achieve that is to appeal to your customer’s ego through the fully personalized response. Not only it is flattering, but it is also very personal.” More>>>

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