How to Add Visual to Your Online Marketing Content

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Visual Content marketing is not a new concept – advertising images have been around for pretty much as long as people have been buying and selling, but in these days of Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube, visual Content is being consumed on a much broader basis. A Recent article we published gives 15 beautiful reasons to make your Content Marketing Visual, so I won’t repeat all the statistics here, needless to say that for some people and businesses a constant stream of great quality visual content is much harder to achieve than others.
If your business is any kind professional services firm, or standard office environment, it might be difficult to think of things to photograph or video. Likewise, many small businesses don’t have a dedicated marketer, or someone specifically targeted with creating images! Many firms have got used to the idea of trying to keep a website up to date and manage comments on a business Facebook page, but to really grab some extra attention from people who might just be passing through your page, pictures and videos are one of the best things to add.

So for all you people who might fall into the “Visually Challenged” category hopefully these ideas will be the perfect boost to your imagination!” More>>>

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