How to Arm Your B2B Blog for Maximum Marketing Firepower

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Old metal keys on vintage book.“If you think back 15+ years, most companies had or were beginning to get their own websites.

Now, all companies have websites, but those on the forward edge of the marketing battlefield are blogging. It’s similar to the mid 1990s with the advent of websites, except now blogs are what’s becoming mainstream.

The reason for the adoption and growth of blogs is because they are the single most powerful marketing tactic available today.

According to a recent HubSpot study, companies that blog get 55% more website traffic than those that don’t blog.  And, companies that blog get 70% more leads than those that don’t blog.

One of the best ways to understand what a blog is and how a company should approach blogging is in a popular four-word rule of thumb for the modern marketer: THINK LIKE A PUBLISHER.” More>>>

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