How to Create Social Media Marketing Success: DON’T DO THIS

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The article quoted and linked below will demonstrate why you should never, ever, EVER use a traditional advertising agency unless they understand the way things are marketed online. Traditional agencies are … uh … traditionally slow on the uptake. They know what they know and not much else. Pay attention to this article and you’ll actually know something at the end. You might actually be better off reading Mad magazine rather than Ad Age (what are they thinking?). -scot

“I got a comment yesterday on Google+ about the lack of originality for recognizing the differences between social media and traditional marketing — but OBVIOUSLY it needs saying. In an article yesterday on AdAge, they decried the types of advertising on social networks and suggested we needed FULL SCREEN ADS!

Are you f&@%ing kidding me! Do you WANT to turn Facebook into a ghost town?

Face it – no one (I repeat NO ONE) wants to hear your advertising. And that goes for your PR, too. I DON’T want to hear how wonderful you are, which celebrity endorses your crap, or how smart you are for developing new crap. I want you to HELP me, entertain me, reward me, make me feel GOOD. Social media marketing success is definitely a pay-it-forward proposition. Give me something and MAYBE I’ll buy your crap or tell my friends about it — if you make it really easy for me to share.” More>>>

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