How To Videos for Content Marketing

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Samsung posted this how-to in 2010 yet it’s still relevant to me now. I have a different phone (Galaxy S) but I assumed not much changed in the speed dial portion of the software. Since I don’t add or subtract speed dial numbers very often I have to look at the instructions when I need to make a change. I Googled “change speed dial Galaxy S” and this video appeared at the top of the list. It gave me what I was looking for within 20 seconds. Easy. I like this. Michael, our head of Creative (and resident iPhone Kool-Aid drinker) suggested that the information might still be relevant because Samsung’s Android software hadn’t been updated for 3 generations. Maybe; but it still worked for me and I’m appreciative. The point here is Samsung has provided a solution to my problem that was easy to find AND solved my problem, That’s great content marketing. -scot 

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