**IMPORTANT** More Info on Google Search Changes & it Affects You!

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Read and understand this article and the implications regarding SEO. This knowledge is an absolute must.  Do it now. -scot

“The blog networks are about to die off faster than the dinosaurs. Yesterday, Build My Rank, one of the top blog networks, was obliterated from the web after Google de-indexed its thousands of blogs. Every blog that belonged to the network along with every website that received links will feel the sting of this one.

Some SEOs thought blog networks were sound marketing strategies, but Google thinks otherwise. If you belong to a blog network, you are essentially paying for links and you know how Google looks down on paid links!

Who will be next? Only time will tell, but I suspect we are in for some HUGE surprises in the very near future.

Is the concept of SEO slowly being phased out?
Is content marketing and social media the new SEO?
Has Google totally eliminated the ability for webmasters to manipulate the rankings in any way?

In my opinion…Yes, Yes, and Yes!” More>>>

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