Is it Content Marketing or Clever Advertising?

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3rd Planet Content Marketing 3“A few weeks back, I sat through a “content marketing” presentation, where the presenter showed a number of case studies and talked about how the brands were leveraging the power of content marketing to grow their businesses.

Unfortunately, none of the examples were actually content marketing.

CMI’s Chief Strategist Robert Rose calls these so-called examples “clever advertising.” In short, many still view content marketing as the Old Spice-style viral campaigns that are fueled by traditional media.

What content marketing really is

To qualify as content marketing, a program needs to:

Be focused on attracting or retaining a targeted customer audience

Share compelling, useful, and/or entertaining information

Be consistently delivered.

If we deconstruct these three tenets just a bit, we start to see some patterns that distinguish the art and science of content marketing from other advertising and marketing efforts.” More>>>

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