Is Your Content Supporting or Sinking Your Thought Leadership Efforts?

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I love this article because it defines a term to clarify a situation badly in need of clarification. ‘Thought Leadership’ isn’t simply agreeing with someone else … it’s about pointing a clear path to the future; in this sense I think it can be referred to as vision. You have to have a point of view and you have to be able to defend it. This implies you must tell someone about your point of view. You must get out on the risk curve and expose the world to your great ideas. Don’t be afraid to mix it up; in fact, embrace the conflict, deal with it … adapt and overcome. It’s what makes doing this stuff so … much … fun! -scot

“It’s time to take a more critical look at thought leadership, and to define what it is and isn’t. Maybe we need the thought leadership equivalent of a Good Housekeeping seal of approval: a set of criteria to separate what’s often passed off as thought leadership from the real deal. The minimum requirements for earning that seal of approval would include ensuring that your content meets a few criteria:” More>>>

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