One trick pony…..flogging a dead horse?

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I once worked for a company which had perfected the art of not listening or learning from anybody or anything they did.
Wow , what a lucky boy I was!

To some degree I was, strangely enough it was a cornucopia of chaos every day as huge great square pegs were rammed into small circular holes, all to no positive effect….. so you are wondering why it was somehow lucky?…..  Well it was lucky because I had many years of experience unfolding before me in a very short time and I was able to see first hand how devastating it is to a business when the people at the top have no living clue how to nurture their staff or understand their customers.

You see when you are an entrepreneur there is a good chance you are driven , passionate and more comfortable with your own decisions than anybody else’s, so what’s wrong with that?
Well plenty if you do not possess the life experience or business acumen to navigate an ever changing marketplace.

At 3rd Planet we see elements of this scenario on a regular basis, not that being a driven or passionate entrepreneur is a bad thing, but it is when ideas from sources other than one person are ignored then it becomes a problem.

Let’s take a sporting analogy to illustrate this point; when the play book of a team is limited AND known to others the team is never successful. It is so easy to upstage them, hit them at their low point, beat them at their own game….if the play book was not the elixir of sporting life and success why do we see the NFL coaches covering their mouths when conveying instructions for fear of someone lip reading and giving the opposition warning of the next move?

In business some companies have such a limited play book they have driven themselves out of profitability all on their own.
The company I worked for was one such outfit , the bigger the failure they engineered the bigger the failure they planned the next time, if it was not so mind numbingly frustrating to watch this happen it would have been funny. But it wasn’t funny at all, it was like a Ponzi scheme in reverse, no matter how much an opportunity for good solid business came around they managed to devalue the transaction so severely that the customer was turned off…this happened in droves on a regular basis. I suppose it is an art to drive people away as much it is to drive them towards you but somehow this skill felt counter-intuitive to business.

Now in keeping with the counter-intuitive theme here is a video that you just would never have seen a few years ago……no, its not a one trick pony rehash of tried and tested failing methods….quite the opposite…..its in your face , edgy , very raw (on purpose) and likely to turn a few people off BUT, I think , it is a breath of fresh air….what say you?

I am just as likely to send this to a friend for the laugh as I am for the product or service, heck I’ve even gone and promoted it on this blog! Pretty good stuff because I do not, as a rule search for shaving supplies on-line nor do I ever think of going on-line to find them….I bet you don’t either…….now I might!

Now , this next video is very interesting and you have an assignment to do! You have to decide which one , if any , of these two gentlemen is the ‘one trick pony’…is it the interviewer who is trying to undermine the guest or is it the guest who is firm in his belief that he is one the right track with his product range???

So , what do you think? E-mail us with your thoughts or better still send us a video e-mail with your take on this topic…we would LOVE to see you!

….. on the long and winding road…………… Patrick

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