Our behaviour is changing content marketing: here’s how

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“Traditional media outlets such as television, radio and websites no longer retain a monopoly on how people consume content. New channels such as blogs, online forums, social networks and video continue to rise in popularity among today`s consumers. Combined with continued advances in technology, retailers and brands now have the opportunity to connect with consumers across all of these channels to increase engagement and brand affinity. To do this effectively brands and retailers need to gain a better understanding of how we consume both new and traditional media in order to blend these efforts.

The changing nature of content marketing is a direct result of the radical change in user behaviour. The emergence of touch points such as smart phones and tablets mean that consumers are almost “always on” and access the same content from multiple devices.

Forrester estimates 53% of internet users are “always” online for non-work purposes after 8pm and 18% of internet users are “always” online before 9am for non-work purposes. For brands this means that there is great opportunity for content to be consumed. Consumers are no longer to traditional work hours to consume hours. Brands can take advantage of this and best position the timing of their content.” More>>>

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