Overcome the Eight Barriers to Confidence

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Creative business ideaIt has been a rough few years but there are signs the economy is beginning to edge forward. If we are going to take advantage of the new opportunities that will present themselves we must have the right state of mind. To that end the following article from the Harvard Business Review. ~Content Curator

“To get a more confident You in the new year — or a more confident company, community, family, or team — first know what gets in the way. The best resolutions will go nowhere without the confidence to stick with them.

Confidence is an expectation of a positive outcome. It is not a personality trait; it is an assessment of a situation that sparks motivation. If you have confidence, you’re motivated to put in the effort, to invest the time and resources, and to persist in reaching the goal. It’s not confidence itself that produces success; it’s the investment and the effort. Without enough confidence, it’s too easy to give up prematurely or not get started at all. Hopelessness and despair prevent positive action.

To muster the confidence to work toward your goals, avoid these eight traps:” More from this article by Rosabeth Moss Kanter>>>

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