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Vintage movie camera. 3dDartmouth College has a rather interesting alumni tradition.  The graduating class of 50 years previous supports that year’s outgoing senior class.  That is to say, the class of 1964 has done a fair bit to support the class of 2014.  In this case, they purchased copies of the book “Pearls of Leadership Wisdom” by Sandra Davis, Ph.D.–FOR THE ENTIRE CLASS.  Dartmouth is the smallest of the Ivy League schools…but even at that, that’s over 1,000 copies!

Why do I know any of this?  Because Sandra Davis, Ph.D. also happens to be the CEO of MDA Leadership, a client of ours.  Apparently due to a scheduling conflict, Mrs. Davis was unable to make the trip to Hanover, NH to talk about her book in person, so we were called in to produce a short video to be played at the presentation.

As you can clearly see, Mrs. Davis is a very engaging speaker and has wonderful presence, which of course makes for a very naturally engaging video.  I really want to highlight something that was done very cleverly in this script…it’s well sectioned.  What I mean by that is there was a very clear section in the middle of the script that stands on its own, which allowed us to do a second edit on the video (with an added introductory shot and a reworked ending) for use on MDA Leadership’s website.

This is something that we’re fond of our clients doing as it allows us to maximize their budget very simply.  They get 2 videos for 2 different purposes out of one shoot.  This is something that you should look for if there’s a possibility of repurposing sections of your video, as it will maximize your spend.  Obviously, this isn’t ALWAYS a good idea, but it’s something to keep your eye open for.

Here are the videos.  You can see how simple it was for us to simply trim the beginning and end and make two videos out of the first.

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