Product Endorsement Video Hits the Bigtime!

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3rd-Planet-Throw-The-Fight-PRS-PageOne of the top guitar companies in the country, Paul Reed Smith (PRS),  has signed a local band’s guitar players to endorse their new line of guitars. Part of the contract required the aforementioned guitarists to provide a video of their endorsement. That’s where we come in. We went to the set of Throw The Fight’s latest video shoot to capture the testimonials and some really fun b-roll.

The company, PRS, is doing a great job with this video content marketing effort. They not only get endorsers likely to influence the buying decisions of young fans but they also get good, fresh content for their site which expands the reach of the campaign to a worldwide audience.

The band does pretty well too via association with a brand known worldwide.

Our crack production department got the project done in record time and the final edit was accepted by both the band and PRS with no changes requested.

Here is a picture of the video in it’s new home on the PRS website. (click the picture to watch the video).

You can see a case study of the project here.

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