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Paul Reed Smith (or PRS as it’s commonly abbreviated) is one of America’s most prominent electric guitar manufacturers, at this point probably only following American stalwarts Gibson and Fender. Paul Reed Smith started the company by building custom guitars for the likes of Carlos Santana, Ted Nugent, Neal Schon, and several other notable players.  He’s since parlayed those early one-off, hand-built instruments into a larger scale, mass distributed company that maintained its focus on hand-made, high quality instruments. In the late 90’s, he launches his SE line, which is an all import line that has become a major force in the crowded entry to mid-level guitar marketplace.

That brings us (at least tangentially) to Throw The Fight’s endorsement.  PRS has recently launched a new line of American made mid to upper-mid level guitars called the S2 series, which are aimed at the professional or touring guitarist.  The guys from Throw The Fight fit that bill perfectly as they’re about to head out on the Monster Energy Drink sponsored Sirius/XM Hard Drive Live Outbreak Tour, and showcase.the exact market these guitars are  aimed at.

PRS understands the power of good web video. Their YouTube channel is full of content, from artist interviews and instrument demos to behind-the-scenes workshop tours and Paul’s personal video blog “The Elements of Tone.” As part of their artist endorsement deal  they ask their artists to provide a promo video talking about and/or playing their new guitars.

I got the call from TTF because I’ve known them for years.  I’ve played shows with them in other bands, I’ve filled in on bass with them, and even went with them to Los Angeles to record bass tracks for their Bullet Tooth Records debut “What Doesn’t Kill Us.” I am also the very proud owner of a PRS Custom 22 (10 top, in blue, with a fixed bridge) so for me this project was just a no-brainer…I HAD to do it.

We decided that the video shoot for their upcoming single “One Step Away” (directed by the very talented Graham Fielder) would be a good time/location to set up and shoot interviews, as it would also give us the opportunity to get good b-roll footage of them playing the guitars, as well as behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot. I also made sure to get coverage of the guitars themselves, as there are some specific featured in the new S2 line that needed to be highlighted.

This is also another shoot done with our new Canon/Atomos Ninja camera system, and it allowed me to not only shoot quickly and in very high quality but also get into and through the post production process very quickly. The edit went VERY smoothly, with no changes requested by the band or PRS, and in the end, we were able to very quickly turn out a high-quality video that highlighted the new PRS S2’s nicely. I’m extremely pleased with how this video turned out!

Take a look at the video below and see for yourself!

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