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It’s been a few months since we talked about the video we did for PRS Guitars and Bullet Tooth Records artist Throw The Fight, and in that time, our video has done a BUNCH of work for PRS.

For starters, it’s the anchor video for Throw The Fight’s S2 Series Artist Page. It was also used in an advertising campaign on Guitar World Magazine’s website over the fall. And most recently, itwas used in an artist blog entry that featured Throw The Fight guitarists Jon Sutton and Ryan Baustert timed to coincide with the end of their run on the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour.

This was a video that was INCREDIBLY simple in its conception. Get the guys in front of a camera, have them talk a bit about the guitars. Show the guitars. Show the guys with the guitars. Those things were generally easy to accomplish–the hardest part of the shoot was lugging the camera and lights up the stairs to the shoot location! Post-production was equally simple. Cut out the quotes that worked, show the parts of the guitar they’re talking about as they talk about them, end the video. All told, less than 20 hours was spent actually making the video.

And for that amount of effort and investment, that video has been used in no fewer than 3 different applications for PRS guitars. This is an example of how versatile a simple video can be. It can anchor a webpage AND be part of an ad campaign AND be part of a feature interview for a blog…all for the cost of one production.

As companies consider the costs and benefits of employing video in their content marketing efforts, I’d urge them to consider the video could very likely be useful in multiple contexts…and those dollars spent can go an awfully long way in terms of where that video can be put to use.

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