SEO Agency vs. Content Marketing Agency: The Differences and Why They Matter

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man drawing website wireframe on the whiteboard“When a company first begins to grow, it makes sense to hire an outside agency. You need help, quickly, and you don’t have time to build your own team. You need a machine that is ready and set to hit the ground running, so turning to that third party agency makes sense (if only for a little while). This is where the tricky part comes into play: You an either hire an SEO agency, a content marketing agency, or try to find one that claims to be both.

What’s so tricky about this concept is the idea that the two are often used synonymously, so many business owners don’t even realize there is a difference. Once you learn this, it hits you like a ton of bricks: How am I going to know which agency is going to give me the best results for my company?” More>>>

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