Seven Ways to Get Great Customer Testimonials

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“A company builds trust in three ways: the way it creates and delivers products, its values, and how it communicates its values into the marketplace.

One thing that’s common to all those is putting the customer No. 1; and to do that, having empathy for the customer is vital. Empathy is all about putting yourself in their shoes: What are their pain points? What are their motivators? What do they consider great customer service?

That third point, what customers consider great customer service, is the basis of any great customer testimonials.

Testimonials can be inbound (customers want to provide testimonials, participate in a case study, be a reference, etc.) or outbound (we approach our customer to give that great “thumbs up”).

The following are seven ways we, as marketers, can make it easy to get great customer testimonials.” More>>>

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