Six quick tips for promoting your company’s video online

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Vintage movie camera. 3d“You’ve spent anywhere from a thousand to tens of thousands of dollars on professional video production for your business. So what’s the best way to leverage your investment?

“Consumers and search engines alike highly value online video. Its search engine optimization (SEO) power helps people find your business and your website, its stickiness helps keep them there and, if all goes to plan, it converts them into paying customers.

According to data from ReelSEO :

  • Websites with video rank higher in search engine results;
  • Websites with online video keep visitors around longer periods of time
  • Ninety per cent of consumers insist product videos are helpful during the sales cycle
  • YouTube attracts more than 1 billion unique visitors every month

Videos aren’t just a nice to haves. A polished, professional video is now an essential marketing tool for any business serious about success. The problem, however, is that many small business owners don’t know how to maximize its potential. It’s not enough to throw it on the website and hope the video views roll in.

Here are a few introductory tips when it comes to online video, so your intended audience can discover your content, resulting in more brand awareness and sales for your business.” More>>>

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