Social Media Marketing in Higher Education: Why Planning is Important

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“Social Media continues to become more relevant in regards to its role within marketing strategies among industries, and it is of obvious interest to those charged with marketing to current and future students within the realm of higher education.

One of the most critical phases within the process of developing a successful marketing effort using social media comes at the very beginning. This phase takes into account policies and planning, words you hear a lot if you work on a campus. Before beginning your social media efforts for your department, have you considered if you have a social media policy in place? In my past experience, we actually created a social media committee with members who worked within different areas of my department including myself to draft a working policy we would follow. This policy of course would likely be updated and changed as needed, but it provided a good platform for planning as we discussed the many questions that needed to be answered before getting started.

Some points to consider when discussing your social media policies and planning:” More>>>

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