Techniques to Use for More Readable Blogs for Local Marketing Efforts

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Typewriter with Blog buttons, vintageBusiness can post a whole host of valuable, useful, and original content on the web, but if it is not easy to read or understand, it will surely fail. These tips will help businesses achieve maximum return on investment with posts and blogs without breaking the bank.

Watch the verbiage. Business owners and experts tend to know a lot about their chosen field of specialty. This is great for when they are trying to help customers and clients resolve an issue, make an upgrade, or otherwise improve or better their home, business, or life. The downside of it is that the specialists might fall into a trap of using jargon, words that only other specialists would know, when talking to people. In talking face to face, it is easy to pick up clue that something that was just said has gone over someone’s head. In writing a blog, the writer has no idea if the person on the other end of the screen fully comprehended what they wrote. For that reason, it is important to be sure to use simple, short language and avoid those terms that are not common to the rest of the populace.

There are a variety of basic design elements that should also be followed for blogs and informational posts to get people to read them. Keep the paragraphs and sentences short. Try to avoid complex and compound sentences. The paragraphs should never be more than an inch and a half on the screen. Break the sentences up with double space. Yes, this adds white space, but is important for disseminating information online.

Use other design elements including images, sidebars, headers, and sub-headers. These items all help to break up the flow of information. If done properly, however, what this breakage permits is better understanding and easier reading.

For long pieces including a study or white paper, it is important to break the information down into different pages. For these longer pieces, it is important to keep a table of contents with the work. If the information is provided on the website, providing a breadcrumb trail for readers so they do not get lost in the text is a great idea as well.

Keeping these and other tactics in mind when working on blog, social media, and other posts will help improve the local search marketing reach of a business.



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