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I hate to state the obvious but I have to….. the recent Olympic coverage by NBC has just proved without doubt that terrestrial TV is dead. I had wondered what NBC actually stood for , I decided it must stand for ‘No BloodyClue’…seriously their performance was nothing short of scandalous.

Now, NBC was not just bad at delivery , they were not just the originators of terrible strategy but more importantly the owners of the most arrogant and patronising attitude of any broadcaster covering the Olympics. Not so much a ‘broadcaster’ as a ‘narrowcaster’.

Who am I to rant and rave like this?
Well , I am a consumer and therefore someone who should be number one priority in their thinking…… like me , you should have had your needs as a consumer considered and catered for…but sadly the dinosaurs at corporate NBC decided they knew better…..oooooowwwwwwwwhhhh how frustrating to see this unfold!

Even more mind-numbing is the fact that the 2012 Olympics proved to be THE biggest event in American TV history ever..think what NBC could have done if they had a clue!?!

Not to go on too much , here is a very brief video that I think best describes the NBC coverage;

So , however amazed I was about the coverage you had in the US , I was enjoying stellar coverage from the BBC…. wonder what other countries were doing?

Take a look at this piece from the BBC about how the Chinese dealt with coverage, not in the way you might think but in a very consumer oriented way which really demonstrates what NBC should have been trying to do…..


Not only was this what people wanted but it was also relatively easy and cheap to execute, it was obviously cheaper to do than the dinosaur terrestrial NBC offering nevertheless it worked…and all on-line through a social media network. As I have said many blogs previously regarding the Chinese social media scene….’who needs Facebook and Twitter?’

Then I saw this….

Olympics bring 55 million visits to BBC Sport on-line.

Photo Courtesy of flickr

Serena Williams’ tennis final was one of the most streamed on-line videos and she isn’t British! All this from a country with no more than 70,000,000 people, that is very nearly one fifth of the 314,000,000 in the USA.

China’s social site which was streaming the Olympics has a user base which is greater than Facebook and Twitter combined…the point here is two fold:

firstly there was a voracious appetite for live Olympic coverage and secondly people were more than happy to use whichever device they were close to in order to view ‘on demand’ without the restrictions for schedules as imposed by terrestrial TV.

The BBC actually positively encouraged the use of social media and stressed the importance of being ‘in the moment’ wherever you are , they had ‘how to watch the Olympics’ video everywhere to make sure people accessed the content …it worked!

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The lessons for NBC and in fact all of us involved in this industry are there to see, those who take the experiences and understand how the social landscape is dominating our business landscape will enjoy this unabashed myopic nostalgic look at 2012……. no really, it is nostalgic even though it is only a couple of weeks ago…remember we are moving a lot quicker these days!

Let the people have the final word, it is only right and proper!

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see you on the long and winding road…… Patrick

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