The 12 (Or So) Mistakes Online Video Marketers Always Make

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“More businesses than ever are incorporating online video into their marketing strategies; and for good reason too. There’s a ton of statistics out there underscoring many of the potential benefits online video can bring to a business. In real-life terms, all these statistics boil down to one simple fact: people love watching videos online and, clearly, would much prefer to watch a video than sift through pages of boring text about a company.

The fact many people don’t realise (or perhaps forget) is that simply producing and uploading a video isn’t enough. Millions of videos are uploaded every day and, sadly, a huge percentage of these are ineffective, usually because easily avoidable mistakes are made when it comes to the production or implementation of the video.

I see these mistakes far too often and so, with the aim of helping SMEs around the word find greater success with their online videos, I’ve compiled a list of 12 common online video marketing mistakes, plus some tips on how to avoid them.” More>>>

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