The Case for How-to Video Content

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news shooting“Today the customer has more purchasing power than ever. In fact, as Jay Baer pointed out at ExactTarget Connections ’13, it typically takes 10.4 pieces of information before a customer makes a purchase, so it’s safe to say the buzz over content marketing isn’t just hype. Our job now as marketers is to make sure that we have the right content for customers to select our product or company as the perfect choice.

Marketing materials aren’t just for creating interest any more, they’re the first line of case deflection for customer support. Customers prefer self-serve information they can access conveniently at any point in the buying process, and especially when performing product research. If your company can be known for a brilliant resource centre, you’re in a great position when customers need information and remember you as a trusted expert.

If we consider what types of materials are created today (infographics, white papers, blog posts, customer reviews, etc.), we’re seeing that customers want information quickly and will take an actual customer’s word before the company in question.” More from this article by Michael Litt>>>

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