The Content Revolution: Emerging Forms Of Online Video

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“Until somewhat recently, most consumers associated online video with clips of dogs on skateboards and episodes of TV shows they forgot to DVR. Today, however, viewers are accessing everything from high-quality first-run series to live coverage of news events. And they’re doing it not just from laptops and desktops, but via their smartphones, tablets and connected TVs. The latest comScore numbers are evidence of just how massive this growth has been: 38.7 billion video views from 182 million Internet users in December 2012.

It’s hard to say which came first – the widespread increase in consumer adoption or the massive surge in the quality and type of video content available. Whatever the cause and effect, the end result is lots of content being viewed in new and different ways. Below are three categories of emerging content that I find most exciting, along with insights for brands seeking to leverage video for marketing purposes, and content producers trying to create an audience by experimenting with these forms.” More>>>

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