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Auto Tweeting Fake Deck

This week has been a lot of fun on the social sites, listening, contributing and watching.

It is true that I have a zoo full of ‘pet peeves’ but this one is high up there on my list when it comes to reacting badly to something. I mentioned it last week, but as far as I can see the situation has worsened this week. Maybe the impending arrival of the iPhone 5 sent normally creative and engaged minds into a stupor or maybe everyone decided to take it easy this week…… but the auto tweet machine has been in overdrive!

I’ll tell you’s a cop out…it tells me that you can’t be bothered to think of something original yourself and you don’t value my time or relationship as a follower.

Being too precious???

Well, maybe I am a little, but seriously, when was it OK to dish out stale stuff every 15 mins just so you can ‘have a presence’ on your chosen social site.The game play is quite blatant….catch new people unaware initially, allow them to think you are bringing new ideas to the table and cultivate the ‘hero worship’ syndrome…..then assume that over a longer period of time the follower will stop looking so intently at what you say and instead marvel at the ’emperors’ new clothes’ like all the other lemmings. 

No , I am not a bitter and twisted wannabe by any stretch of the imagination…if you knew me you would realise that I am staggeringly unimpressed by people and things generally BUT always encourage innovative and insightful thinking…there in lies the rub!

If I wanted a Hallmark card greeting I would go and buy one, I don’t want re-hashed Gandhi or Einstein quotes, I don’t want generalisations about attitude and conquering obstacles….why?……
because I’ve heard it before, I get the idea…that’s why I am an entrepreneur by nature and not in a safe 9 to 5 office job waiting for the retirement party…… OK they serve some purpose BUT not all day!

The reason I am bitching about this topic again is because this week I have seen soooo much of it; however one good thing has come from it….. I can easily tell who is actually at their desk (or on their smart-phone) when the messages go out, I know because when you reply or comment …they respond! Wow, that is what is supposed to happen.

I did another experiment this week , not unlike the one I did last week…..only this time it was more pleasurable .

When I saw one of these automated messages from a prolific social media guru or gurette(!) I responded with an aside or comment which in normal circumstances would have elicited a response…. a response which would have given me a warm and fuzzy feeling because I was engaging with a well-known practitioner ….but it was all to no avail as no response came back…not even a ‘thanks for the re-tweet’ type acknowledgement a few days later.

Why bother, do my thoughts even count , am I just ‘not at the races’???

Fortunately the flip side of all this was when I replied or re-tweeted a message from someone with whom I got a response….so my thoughts were received, listened to, thought about and accepted to the point the exchange typically was several back and forth comments IN REAL TIME!

To be clear , my comments to these people were not disingenuous by any means , I chose subjects and people whom I follow every day and generally enjoy listening to. It’s called authenticity.

A great by product of all this was that I could see the work week flow that real ‘live’ people have……by Friday night they are talking about family, sports, recreational activities…they let their guard down a little and showed their more edgy side. I love to joke and find the humour in most things, my humour can be a little forceful for some but it comes from the heart and no malice is intended…. I can see how others view life’s challenges by how they respond to my jokes.

So the point?

While all this genuine social engagement is going on and I am learning more about the people I am linked with, the auto tweeting fake decks are still churning out business related anecdotes at 8am on a Sunday morning—and they continue all day! In fact, they do not recognise day and night, they just fire up the auto message machine and crank out the stale old stuff.

So, I say a big heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to these automated social media giants because you gave me the opportunity to develop more refined and real relationships with the people who were actually listening. You guys missed my thoughts and maybe you missed something worthwhile….in fact I am going to go out on a limb and say you definitely did!

As for you automated guys? I can catch up with you any time I want because you are telling me the same thing on a rotation every few days. The chances of me missing anything are slim to none; you are missing more than I am.

So , watch this promotional video made by a small business…it is funny, very raw BUT they have taken on board the ideas we all talk about and tried to do something. If they do more business as a result of it then great, they will have deserved it! They stepped out of their comfort zone , went out on a limb and made themselves vulnerable to criticism….. but who cares? 

Warning: this video contains real people!
Selling Is Service: Work Training Video Hell – Watch More Funny Videos

see you on the long and winding road…… Patrick

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