The Long and Winding Road: 2 reasons to look east for inspiration….

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2 reasons to look east for inspiration…

It would be so easy to focus on what happens in the USA for all the latest happenings in technology and the uses of it. The reality is quite different however as the otherwise unmentioned parts of the tech world are forging ahead with innovation which we can only marvel at.

In a slight departure from the normal template for this feature , I have chosen two interesting and thought provoking…not to mention a little humbling….. video articles on far flung parts of the globe which do not really get the headlines they deserve

Firstly, we look at Estonia and learn that there are distinct advantages of having a small population when it comes to instigating wholesale societal change…then we look at Israel. Sadly Israel is more commonly known for it’s perilous position in the near and middle eastern political machinations however within this small country there exists a potent force of technological change.

EDITORS NOTE: We’ve linked to the stories about Estonia and Israel as the BBC does not allow us to embed the videos at this time.

If after watching these two videos you still think the technological digital innovation world is in the USA…. we need to talk!

OK, don’t feel bad….you should feel empowered by these guys who did not ask for permission to realise their ideas. Follow them and make it happen!

see you on the long and winding road……… Patrick

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