The Long and Winding Road : ‘3 rules and 1 big ‘No-No’

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Liverpool3 rules, 1 big ‘No-No’

Someone recently asked if pod-casting was an ‘overpopulated space’, presumably suggesting that there was simply too much material out in the world for any new material to have any positive effect. I understand the sentiment because there are simply millions of podcast channels available but that in itself seems to negate the argument to some degree. Were there too many we would not see this genre continue to grow. In many respects pod-casting is like TV and radio, if something is good and well received it will cut through the noise and be successful no matter the volume of alternative options.

Being heard  and feeling that you have important or helpful ideas to be broadcast is the reason podcasting shows little sign of declining. If you took the time to trawl through what is actually available , you would be amazed. Currently, on my phone I subscribe to around 40 podcasts and regularly listen or watch at least 10 of those. I don’t think I am too strange in that respect but you may tell me differently!

The reason I subscribe is because they have something I want, namely insight, knowledge and the wise counsel that comes from experience. At different times they have all given me something I needed and allowed me to move forward. That is the beauty of this ‘on-demand’ digital world we have created for ourselves.

Speaking of giving people what they want leads me to the 3 rules for content  and blogging. I heard this on a radio show as an experienced sports journalist revealed what he thought anyone writing or producing regularly needed to do in order to keep people engaged.

“ It’s really quite simple ,” he said “ you have to make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry or make ‘em angry. Anything else is just too safe and becomes boring”

He has a point. Having opinions is needed, expressing them with clarity is a must and doing it all with emotion makes for compelling content. Let’s not confuse the manipulation of emotion with the genuine emotional response a good story can evoke…the former is cynical and plays no part in good content, the latter is what we all strive for.

Conversely, one sometimes is practically assaulted by poorly written unsolicited ‘sales pitch e-mail fodder’ which arrives in the inbox. The first line draws you in , it is personal and one is forgiven for thinking that they actually know you until a few lines down you realise that this is no more than a crude e-mail list inspired low hanging fruit sweep designed to catch the unaware and unsuspecting.

I received one such missive recently from a group purporting to have looked at our website and having reviewed it , found some aspects which they could help us improve upon. Great! We are nothing, if not open minded and without ego at 3rd Planet but hang on a minute!!!!

These clowns clearly had not seen our website because any self respecting junior salesperson knows that at the very least you need to know who you are talking to. Apparently these fools had missed that memo.

The result? DELETE…. not only that but a mental note to watch for these jokers and to kill their stuff before it sees the light of day. Why? They had not earned the right to ask for business and until you do earn that right , asking for business is a major ‘No-No’’


Keep it real and personal, even if that means you only speak to 10 people a week. Communication is not a numbers game it is a people game…. so spend time with the people and they will spend money with you.

see you on the long and winding road…… Patrick

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