The Long and Winding Road : ‘Beware the Sales Funnel’

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Multiple streams of income, earn money while you sleep, spend more time with family and live the life you want . Sounds idyllic, sounds great, sounds perfectly reasonable but for the fact that it doesn’t happen like that. I know!

I once worked for a company that dangled this particular carrot in front of bucket loads of people but only a handful and I mean a handful, ever saw a life-changing scenario unfold. Not that it is a lie exactly but that it is dependent on luck and hard work crashing into each other on a regular basis. One of the great ‘closing’ techniques when selling this type of ‘business’ is the introduction of the automatic ‘sales funnel’ which effectively does all the work for you. Many people fall for this promise of unearned riches and forget that they would not dream of opening a shop with no staff. In effect, that is what happens when a ‘sales funnel’ takes over, the customer deals with a computer and loses the engagement afforded by human contact. Eventually the compelling reasons to keep going back for more are subdued and the connection is lost. Just look at the attrition rates in businesses run on this model, the concept is akin to sending soldiers over the top of the trenches to be mown down by machine gun fire. It is purely a numbers game.

If you haven’t already watched Scot Combs latest video blog talking about consistency you certainly should. You will see the difference between proper engagement on all levels and the disengaged format of the automatic sales funnel.

The following clip is painful to watch in my opinion because it is so flagrantly and unashamedly seeking cash that the mention of being personal does not happen until 4 minutes into the 5 minute presentation. This stuff is so basic and impersonal it is nauseating….it is the antithesis of proper content marketing.

OK, well done for sitting through that junk! The serious note here is that there are still far too many chancers like this guy peddling dreams that don’t work and we need to use them as inspiration.

Yes, inspiration, not to be like them but to be the polar opposite of them.


see you on the long and winding road……. Patrick


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