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It has long been our pledge to highlight the best and less than best of all things ‘content marketing’. This week my contribution is limited, limited because the piece of craftsmanship I am sharing speaks most eloquently for itself.

Technology has stolen a march on many, left some behind and bewitched others, there are times when the technology is the story rather than the story being the ‘story’. Throughout time man has ensured future generations understand their past by telling stories. Today we have more opportunity to tell stories and many more means to tell stories but do we always tell them well? All too often , we do not.

Fear not! The Sydney Morning Herald has come to our rescue and provided us with a beautifully crafted engaging and educative story which has brought the digital version of the newspaper to life. Brought it to life in such a way that not only is the story compelling but the reason for having digital versions of newspapers is truly demonstrated.

If you have ever wondered what a proper piece of story-telling in the digital age looks like…. look no further.Stand up Lindsay Murdoch, south-east asia correspondent for Fairfax Media and take a bow.

Compelling, fascinating and inspiring stuff all delivered in layers, layers which the reader peels back as and when they see fit. The beauty of this piece is that whichever entry point one takes, be it video, text or interactive chart, one is only drawn further into the story. I found myself looking deeper than I had expected to, all of a sudden this story was important to me when only a few minutes before I was flicking through articles relatively mindlessly. Each medium provided reinforcement for the the next, supplementing and cementing information in a comfortable way… see for yourself below, I think you will appreciate the subtlety and depth of this piece along with the consummate use of the digital toolbox.

Revealed: a lost city and a holy temple

see you on the long and winding road……. Patrick


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