The Long and Winding Road : Harper Lee shows the way to authenticity

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Harper Lee shows the way to authenticity…

‘To kill a mockingbird’ is one of the most powerful and widely read books of modern times , dealing with a difficult issue with refinement and understatement. So powerful was the story, so compelling was the narrative that some 50 or more years after it’s publication it still finds it’s way onto the examination reading lists in several countries. Rarely has there been a more engaging story told…I said rarely, so don’t tell me the Bible has sold more copies!

I have read the book at least five times, granted it was for an exam but it was at a time when I did as little reading as possible yet I found myself reading this book for pleasure. Naturally I would not have admitted that in my youth but I can now.

As a result of the monumental success, Harper Lee became a symbol for many literary figures as well as civil rights advocates, things I am sure she did not set out to do. Since the publication in 1960 it is safe to say that Harper Lee has always been able to pay her bills on time. Amazingly, over the past few months stories have been surfacing of another book by the fabled writer, this time a book called ‘Go set a watchman’. The furore has been immense with people scarcely able to rationalise that this lady might have written not one but two epic novels.

Would this next offering be as wonderful as the first?

Good or not, Harper Lee has enjoyed unparalleled success on the strength of her honesty and authenticity in the writing of ‘To kill a mockingbird’…… and don’t we all marvel at how she did that?

In these days of automated content production, manipulated advertising and targeting of demographics is it not an utter joy to see the frenzy of activity around the wholesome and genuine content machine that is Harper Lee?

Dig deep to find your true voice…….

see you on the long and winding road……… Patrick

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