The Long and Winding Road : ‘How to change perspectives in 3 minutes’…

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How to change perspectives in 3 minutes…

Many a well planned project has floundered soon after launch due to the perspectives of those for whom it was intended. People have a wonderful ability to dismiss things around them and ignore what they offer if it does not fit with their activity. The problem we all face in content marketing is how to grab attention , maintain interest and add value….. all in a few minutes.

As distinct from advertising, content marketing has to add value, if possible inspire and definitely encourage communication. It is a far more exacting discipline than advertising though not more important, just different. Understanding the difference is key. Advertisers often use the ‘build it and they will come’ mantra whereas content marketers ask ’what will they do when they get here?’ approach.

Let’s take a simple scenario, think about where you live and the history associated with that town or city. Chances are you will have some knowledge of historical significance but generally lack information about most elements of your home place. It is likely that you drive or walk past many fascinating buildings and monuments depicting heroic deeds and totally ignore them. Ignoring them is not a sign of your indifference but a sign that you have not been part of any process which brings these things to your consciousness and makes them relevant.

This is where the content marketers earn their corn and you become energised and engaged in your surroundings.

Watch this video of a clever and entertaining way to bring the people back in touch with their surroundings…..

What once was dull is now brimming with life. It is a simple enough idea but it is in the execution that we see the art of the content marketer, this wasn’t information thrown at passers-by but carefully crafted vignettes designed to change perspectives. Job done.

see you on the long and winding road…….. Patrick


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