The Long and Winding Road : ‘How to polish your table’

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How to polish a your table


There are two truths in this world, two that I can attest to anyway. The first is this, ‘raising children is like nailing a poached egg to a tree…’ and ‘there is no such thing as an overnight success’.

I won’t go into my theories of rearing children. This is my first attempt and like most people, I will make a half decent job of it and only when it is too late to change will the penny drop on how I should have done it!

The second ‘overnight success’ idea speaks to my daily work at 3rd Planet, the ‘success’ we all seek is subjective and always slightly out of reach, it seems. Someone once told me that ‘the grass is only greener on the other side of the fence because there is more poop on it!’ Success or the perception of it is uncannily close to the ‘green grass’ concept.

One thing I do know for sure is that in the world of content marketing, daily, consistent, long term  and planned work is the only way to win. If things happen quickly it is more likely a piece of advertising that captured the zeitgeist and Lady Luck was driving the public response to your efforts. In the main, it is the measured, balanced and educative production and distribution of quality content which speaks to the emotions and intellect of the user that provides the rent payments.

All too often we see prospective clients who are already in a hole, needing results by the end of the month and borderline desperate. This is no way to embark on a proper content marketing strategy. Those companies who are prepared to trust in the process can often see benefits beyond their wildest dreams. It is fine to work hard but working hard alone will not move you forward, working smart is also a must to complement and justify all the hard work.

Watch this strangely hypnotic and soothing video and remember, the oil is your content, the table is your audience and the various cloths and abrasive pads are your ‘multi-channel’ situations where you speak directly to the issue at hand in the ‘local language’…..note the reverence the specific techniques receive, the slavish adherence to the timing of actions and the understanding that whatever is done, it has to be done well and then crucially it has to be repeated again and again and again.

Here you will find the recipe for content marketing, enjoy.

Yes, there are many tables, many locations and uses but at some point they all must welcome every backside to every chair and make them feel comfortable.

see you on the long and winding road……. Patrick


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