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Humans not machines


As some of you may know, maybe because you have read my bio , I am originally an educationalist. My subject area is the brain and how people learn skills and develop the ability to function independently. I still spend time in schools helping staff understand what happens in the brain as children grow, it’s a cool aspect to my work which has brought much enjoyment over the years.

One thing I know to be true, and has been backed up by research many times , is that humans are needed to ensure learning and machines do little to impart knowledge. The emotional link we have as humans with each other is a magic ingredient which cements the neural pathways in young growing minds. Machines are good for reinforcement of known concepts but are very poor at teaching anything new.

The world we live in now is arguably one of the potentially loneliest places to inhabit, such is our reliance on machines to communicate we often spurn the physical contact in favour of the artificial. Of course we are all ‘SOOO busy’ we don’t have time to put anything down and look someone in the eye.     Pause for ironic chuckle…

There is a lesson in this, there is a link in the way very young minds develop and how we as adults conduct our business. Look at your Twitter feed and count the number of network marketers who guarantee life changing financial scenarios by signing up to some faceless, soulless revenue stream where you do no work and meet no people. Really? These only work for the very few at the top of the pile and prey on the vulnerability of those underneath.

Now also look at your Twitter feed and count how many people you follow who are not trying to sell anything, who promise nothing but merely try to add value to your day by sharing thoughts which might spur you to greater things.

My bet is that you have more of the latter than the former…. why? Because you innately know that emotional contact and context is what we as humans want and need more than any faceless system.

When we conduct business, when we try to articulate our ideas , we need people to engage with. Technology is the tool which allows us to get closer to people but not the tool that opens their ears and hearts…that’s what we do best!


see you on the long and winding road…… Patrick

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