The Long and Winding Road: ‘I virtually think therefore I virtually am’…

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I virtually think therefore I virtually am…

We all know that ‘content is king’, if you don’t go to the back of the room and face the corner!

Strangely, however, no matter how much we evolve the technology we use to deliver our content, content itself is either good or bad. Technology, on the other hand, can be good for some and not for others but that in itself does not preclude something being successful. Technology has to be right for the environment it is being used in and as such can be specific regardless of the content. We get excited about new technology, there is something fascinating in finding new ways to do what we already do in a different manner.

At the moment the work in virtual reality and visual field software is exploding as we find day to day applications for hitherto impossible real life situations. For my children, the experience of going on vacation exploring new territories will be ‘enhanced’ by live streamed information scrolling across their field of vision as they take each step into the almost unknown. Gone will be the days of a travel guide…more is the pity!

No time for learning about somewhere before arrival because jumping in unprepared will be the norm as all things can be answered in situ.

Now I am all for using information powerfully but I would like to think we can allow for some exploration of the human imagination, some place where we can step back and conjure up images in our mind’s eye rather than having the video version of another person’s imagination thrust before our eyes. In the long run there are some serious implications for society going down this road.

Watch this somewhat off-beat video about an increasingly potent social voice…

I have no fundamental issue with the sentiments but you can see how powerful this technology is becoming and how much it will replace individual reflection upon ideas for many. I hope it does not end up like politics where the most money spent on media advertising gets results.

With Apple threatening to include a projector in their iPhone sometime soon, presumably as soon as they can resolve the weak battery performance, there seems only to be one way for this trend. Heads up, virtual, mobile and on any surface. Be it Google Glass, wearable tech or digital jewellry our interaction with the technology is going to change fundamentally very soon. No longer a choice but a necessity if we are to function effectively.
I for one am not so enamoured with that thought but no doubt will fully believe I have the balance just right……. ah yes , there is no delusion greater than self delusion!

see you on the long and winding road….. Patrick

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