The Long and Winding Road : ‘It is ALWAYS about education…’

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It is ALWAYS about education….

Look around the world today, whatever sector of life you peer into you will find one common denominator. Education is at the root of all success and lack of education is at the root of all failure….. period.

Anger is really a manifestation of fear, fear is a manifestation of ignorance.

Oh yes, I am channeling some higher powers today!

Not to be political but the things that are happening in Syria, Ukraine , Iraq and various countries in central Africa are nothing short of demonic…. how a human can do such things to another is beyond me. There is a point to this soapbox, if all the people involved were educated about the issues they were fearful of then we would not have half the strife we see. We would be left with good old human greed, which is easier to deal with than deeply held convictions loosely based upon fact.

There is a saying which says, ‘the difference between a conviction and a prejudice is that you can explain a conviction without losing your temper’…… very true and illustrative of today’s madness.

Flip your attention then to the rest of the world where our biggest concerns are far more mundane. This week the UK government declared it was investing several billion pounds into the development of the ‘internet of everything’ thereby nailing it’s intentions to the mast for all to see. The future is no longer in the acquisition of land per se but in the acquisition of digital assets and the control of information. The new industrial revolution will take place in hermetically sealed production facilities carried out by air washed workers as they produce the gadgets and gizmos which will run our busy lives. Life is really so much closer to the 1960s sci-fi films than we realise!

If you had not noticed, the drive in technology is to allow all things to be possible from all places. We cannot get enough of any device which allows us to stay in Starbucks a little longer rather than go back to the office. The truth is for many that the office really is a coffee shop somewhere!

With the ever increasing industrial model of education being forced upon children, where improvement has to be constant, we are developing a generation for whom traditional schools just do not work. For humans , unlike manufacturing, it is the process by which we do something that is far more illustrative of our ability than is the product of our efforts.

Here at 3rd Planet , we are solely involved with education, education of the consumer about the products and services on offer. Yes , we use fancy technology to get the message over but in the final analysis it is the ability to communicate effectively which determines our success not the fact that we may have used a $20,000 camera for a specific scene in you company video.

The rise in online education is mind-boggling, so much so that if you visit any school in the UK    (and I do regularly) you will see teachers accessing the internet throughout the day to help deliver content to the children. Little wonder then that the children are becoming avid consumers of content and have no particular loyalty to where they get it. For children today, the educational aspect of the internet is the proverbial ‘candy shop’.


So, is it a bad thing? I think not. In  the best schools technology is embedded in the curriculum and happens as a normal part of every learning experience. It is the way we live,we have to acknowledge that this is they way our children will understand and perceive the world… our job is to provide high quality content to help shape that world

‘Content is king, always has been and always will be…… period’

see you on the long and winding road…… Patrick


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