The Long and Winding Road: It’s better to have your head in the clouds…

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It’s better to have your ‘head in the clouds’…

When I was a young lad my primary occupation at school was looking out of the window. If not looking out of the window I would do impressions of my teachers for the others in class. One day the math teacher walked in and said,

“ Paddy ( that’s what they called me back then) I hear you do an impression of me, If you come to the front of the class and impersonate me, I will let you off with homework tonight!”

Imagine the chorus of “ Do it, Paddy!”

Needless to say I did , even though I say it myself, the impression was worth the reward and so my reputation as a ‘character’ was reinforced. In truth I was bored stiff at school, there was not an ounce of creative work and all was driven by results. Things were done the way they were done because thats the way they had always been done. Results were largely consistent and success was only determined by university places earned. The education system is wholly designed to produce university professors and the collateral damage along the way in the form of unfulfilled people is accepted .

Today, thankfully, the atmosphere in education has changed and is now accepting that intelligence is not just measured by paper driven exam results.

The following TED talk is perhaps a little ‘dry’ but nonetheless is powerful in it’s concept. It speaks to many a school memory and also the world we find ourselves in now….

This week Microsoft announced that their new CEO would be Sayta Nadella. He is of Indian origin and has been heading the ‘cloud computing’ element of Microsoft for the past few years. No prizes then for wondering where we will be heading.

Look to the heavens, store your work in a concept, access it from anywhere, use your smartphone as much as your laptop…..oh yes, it really will be best to keep your head in the clouds!

see you on the long and winding road….. Patrick


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