The Long and Winding Road: Jack of all and master of none, that’ll do nicely!

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My training as a neurodevelopmental therapist and sound therapist has given me a perspective on the world like no other. I am a compulsive observer of people, watching how they move and interact. In my work consulting in schools in the UK, I used those skills to give insight into how children were learning and to help teachers provide optimal environments for learning.

There are some inescapable facts about how the brain learns things, facts that we as adults sometimes conveniently put to one side as we march headlong into our next venture. It pays to stop a while and understand exactly how we respond to things and how we acquire new skills, or to put it another way, engage! We bandy this word around all day long without too much consideration of what it really looks like. Many of us envisage engagement as a conversation we control all the way till the checkout basket, our angle on things can be quite skewed at times depending upon our motivation.

Many people aspire to be an ‘expert’ in their field, which is all well and good but it is not necessary to establish respect and the confidence of others. Remember that old saying,         ’nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care’?

Merely being a receptacle of endless focused knowledge has its limitations. We live and work in a world where a quick understanding of others viewpoints and ideas is vital if we are to remain relevant.

Sure, it is great to have a deep understanding of a subject but that does not mean you are able to transfer that knowledge to new situations, reality is that the brain strengthens if you are a little confused and have to work through a problem. Having answers at your fingertips tells us nothing other than that you can recall that piece of information. Being able to ponder a problem, cross reference your experiences to make inferences is a far more potent skill and ultimately a stronger intellect.

In today’s world being a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’ is no longer the ‘put down’ it once was, today such people are valuable. If I need specific info I can always Google it!

We therefore have to consider what we take in , what we expose our brains to if we are to strengthen our abilities. This is not a new idea, after all television adverts have demonstrated how effective regular exposure to an image or phrase can be, if this idea was false our world would be devoid of any logo or catchphrase because they would be obsolete.

So when you come to plan your strategy for social media engagement think about the variety of things you will offer, the more varied and tangential the better… the brain likes it that way!

If in doubt , think of your customer like a newborn baby and you won’t go too far wrong.

see you on the long and winding road……. Patrick

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