The Long and Winding Road : Look at me, look at me!!!!!!!!!!

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‘Vanity , vanity …. all is vanity.’

There seems to be little in our lives nowadays which is private or apparently which we want to keep private. Our devotion to social media and providing a running commentary on our daily lives has resulted in us removing a great percentage of any mystique in our lives. There was time when we all might have significantly differing perceptions of people within our circles because we were not privy to all that they did. We were not being allowed the voyeuristic insight which we take for granted today.

Is it imperative that I know who is having a coffee at Starbucks in San Mateo , for example? There are many rainy days here in the UK when I too wish I was in San Mateo, it is a charming town not far from San Fransisco which I have had the pleasure of visiting a few times…. but what of it?

The reasons we advertise our movements around our town are many but probably owe much to the need to be seen and heard. The old saying ‘fake it till you make it’ may never be so apposite as it is today.

The overwhelming urge to appear to be a ‘mover and shaker’ has subjugated our normal behaviours and coerced us into thinking we actually need to let people know what we are doing…as if they want and need to know…. sadly they don’t!

Now , I am not having a swipe at anybody for posting where they are and what they are doing, I sometimes do just that, myself. My question is , why?

Surely we are creative and purposeful enough to continue with our goals without needing third-party validation. For some , I really believe that the attention received is worth more than the revenues not generated, and that is fine.

People will always have differing opinions, differing approaches and sharing information online is a way to learn from others and a good way at that. Truth is that you don’t actually have to believe everything you post online, everything you say online… there is an art to igniting a conversation!

Every week , I get a negative comment or two about my blog post but writing it is a way to understand a little more and to see where people differ. I would be so terribly bored if all I got was praise! Maybe this week I will generate more negative commentary and that is just fine by me, my efforts each week are not intended to make everybody agree with me but to spark a thought or two where otherwise there might be none.

The video below was one I found as I was getting ready to post this blog , I removed the original video I had selected as I thought this one was more erudite…..

see you on the long and winding road….. Patrick

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