The Long and Winding Road: PRISM, which end of the spectrum are you?

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Whistle-blowing or just plain irresponsible, leaked maliciously or out of a sense of duty…doesn’t really matter now, as the ‘cat is out of the bag’. The whole issue of who has the information is causing huge upheaval in the corridors of power and coffee shops alike. Politically  it is a minefield, morally perhaps more of a conundrum.

Is it unreasonable to expect all data transferred to be discarded?

Nobody reading this post would be surprised to learn that we are monitored endlessly in most aspects of our lives. We have cameras everywhere filming what we do, the ATM machines log us in and out of our bank accounts, our computers are providing locational data all day long, as are our mobile devices.

Are we delighted to hear how dangerous criminals are tracked quickly in times of emergency by using the digital footprint they leave behind?

How often do we utter the phrase ‘ They can put a man on the moon but they can’t help me…it only takes a keystroke!’

Seems we, as a species, are not only selective in our hearing but also in our acceptance of things which we ourselves do not control easily. I have no problem with Amazon suggesting things for me to buy when I am on the site , it saves me time and sometimes gives me a better option. The same type of information is used across many platforms helping inform decisions from the trivial to ones of national security….. at some point we have to ease off the moral indignation and accept that we cannot have the life we want if we don’t allow a few prying eyes.

Everything in moderation but who determines what is moderate? Welcome to the human race!

There are other wonderful aspects of ‘big data’ which we should throw into the mix during this discussion, the temptation is to always see the doom and gloom in life when we could appreciate some inspiring aspects to the data rich universe we have created for ourselves.

The video below sheds a different light offering another perspective on the ‘big data’ concept , one which I think anybody would be happy to see in operation.

Nothing is perfect and we must always realise that fact, what matters is that we question what happens always but not revolt until and unless we have established the whole picture. If you look for fault , you will always find it.. if you look for understanding you will always be better off than at the start.

see you on the long and winding road….. Patrick


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