The Long and Winding Road : ‘ Sleeping giant wakes up’….

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‘Sleeping giant wakes up’…

It had to happen eventually, too much of one thing always brings a reaction, it’s a law of physics.

The all knowing, omnipotent digital power that we have created to make our lives easier has now produced as much anxiety as it was supposed to eradicate. The irony should not be lost for anybody, our relentless pursuit of information has led us to some dark places. I have always said that we have access to far too much information and that we are ill equipped to deal with it. When a human does not understand what is being played out in front of them they become anxious, defensive, passionate and sometimes aggressive

Enter stage left, the urbane hippy John McAffee. Privacy is the new buzzword and it is causing a storm of emotion around the globe with Google being espoused as the architect of privacy’s demise. Is this fair? Probably not but as they are the most prominent force in digital advancement for the masses they get to shoulder the burden of being the admonished entity in the piece

Mr. McAffee has a valid point, the argument that ‘if you have nothing to hide then personal information on the internet and web is of no concern’ just does not wash , in my opinion.


Maybe we should take a small step back and look at the emotional price we pay for having our whole world accessed via a screen. Just because we have the technical ability to do something does not mean we need to do it. As content marketers and business owners , we should all think about the human at the other end of the line before we think about the revenue at the other end of that same line

Information is our most prized asset and we should guard against the abuse of personal data at all times before we lose our ability to speak. Not being political or trying to stir up a movement but think about it, all it takes is for one good man to be quiet and the lowest common denominator takes over. The results are usually painful and cause more of the damage they were intended to relieve. Yes , that’s ironic.


see you on the long and winding road….. Patrick


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