The Long and Winding Road : Spotlight – The Frick Collection

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Spotlight: The Frick Collection

In a break from the normal observations , this week I look at somewhere which has the ‘digital thing’ working beautifully. For those of you who might be familiar with the Frick Collection, be not afraid I too was ignorant of this jewel until recently, you will find a breathtaking collection of classical art.

Yawn, you might think but think again! If ever a museum could inspire you to learn more and get involved then this is it. Using a clear and easily navigable website the organisers have blended academic researchers and casual onlookers needs in a multilevel offering which showcases the collection.

Audio, they have it; video, they have it; newsletters, they have them; blogs, they have them; live webcasts, they have them…etc. Nothing has been missed but crucially the star of the show is not the technology but the fabulous collection itself.

Most impressive is the ‘App’ which without doubt is one of the best, useful and engaging apps you will find in this field. Were the Frick Collection not in New York, I would be going there today!

In a world of fast paced living where new is best in the eyes of many it is refreshing to see the foresight of the custodians of this collection and their attention to modern trends of communication. Ironically, much of the classical art we know of was, in it’s day, not only a visual masterpiece but also a piece of social and historical communication, happily the communication theme has been understood and deployed superbly in this instance.

Might I say that it is a work of art in it’s own right?

Education is at the root of all things, the lack of it brings turmoil and enough of it brings harmony, this offering goes a long way to enhancing our day, our understanding and our appreciation of things less obvious

Watch this 4 minute video telling the history and meaning of two paintings I doubt many of us have even seen before. After watching , you will be wiser….and what could be better than that?

See you on the long and winding road…….. Patrick

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