The Long and Winding Road : ‘THE’ one Golden Rule…

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‘THE’ one Golden Rule…

Once upon a time , life was simple…then we got clever and made everything complicated. Throughout history we have witnessed massive changes in the ways we do just about everything, at least on a physical level. We have all the trends, the numbers, the percentages etc etc but on many occasions we lack the pure emotional understanding to see quality and talent. If we rely on the numbers alone we will be no more than the children following the Pied Piper of Hamlin, just because everyone is doing something does not mean it has merit or value

There are those in the world who seem to be ‘ahead of the curve’ and innovative. These folk are seldom in ‘the pack’ following, they are out in front embracing vulnerability and accepting failure. They go on hunches, feelings and considered observation of human nature. Watching the numbers is not an art unless you understand what is driving the numbers, Warren Buffett does not follow the crowd , he understands human nature and appreciates quality and value.

There really is no secret. Remember the adage, ‘keep it simple, stupid!

Looking for inspiration often comes from within not by mimicking others around you.Daring to stand up and be counted can bring reward by the bucket full, failure brings ‘I told you so’ but that does not matter for it is in the failure that we learn the most. Failure is the 800lb gorilla in every board room in every continent, being safe has stultified many a creative mind. Successful people understand failure and embrace it as they do success, they are two sides of the same coin. Show me anyone who has never failed and I’ll show you a BS merchant

If you have a technological innovation you have a shelf life, you must maximize your time in the limelight but if you have talent your clock will never run out.

Take a peek at this video of a middle aged man trying to finally ‘be himself’, being vulnerable, inspiring and generating emotion in all around him…. then make note of the 4 ‘successful’ people so afraid to fail that they lose their opportunity to be successful.

Don’t be those judges, they are where they are today because someone else had the courage to take a chance on them when all they had as raw talent… the irony is lost on many but gladly this story had a happy ending.

What has all this got to do with social media driven marketing, content delivery and digital asset development?    EVERYTHING!

see you on the long and winding road…… Patrick

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