The Long and Winding Road : T’is the season…

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T’is the season….

Well we made it! Another year almost gone and we do the inevitable looking back on our year.

Did 2013 measure up, was it more than you hoped for or a terrible let down?

Whatever the answer, we must always look forward because we can do nothing about the past. I watched an interview with an English international cricketer today, the questions were related to an incident last week. His answer was beautiful.

“ My interest in yesterday is less than zero…”

So it should be if we are not to be dragged into a malaise of self doubt and recriminations. My year was interesting to say the least. Projects which I thought would be well under way are still under wraps, activities which I thought would be fringe have become dominant, at times. The focus and end goal remain the same but as they say,  ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him you have a plan!’

I am healthy, happy and keen to make progress in 2014…that’s all I can aim for.

2013 was generally good and here are a few random things that I thought were positive.

Deezer is a free music app with my phone supplier, it gives me unlimited downloads of albums and songs which I can use off line or stream at my behest….. I like this, I have downloaded all the old albums from the days when I didn’t make a noise every time I sat down or stood up from a chair!

Sherlock and Elementary, two versions of the Sherlock Holmes stories. One from the US and one from England, each equally brilliant and compelling….. it satisfies the thinking sleuth in all of us.

British and Irish Lions Rugby Tour, any time the Aussies get a pounding is a good time! Rugby has become a very cool sport in Europe these past few years and offers exceptional entertainment along with immense physical prowess and skill.


yes , quite self indulgent but if you can’t be at this time of year, when?

Short and sweet this week, like most of us I have last minute things to do before the holiday begins. Whatever your situation, I sincerely hope you have restful and enjoyable holiday season.

see you on the long and winding road……… Patrick

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