The Long and Winding Road: Trust is not what it seems…

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‘Trust me, I’m a doctor!’

We’ve all heard it said in some form or another, the instance where we are asked to put our instinct in the fridge and put one’s fate in the hands of a job description. The very word ‘trust’ carries with it a bag full of implied characteristics , most of which are those which we attribute based upon our experiences.

OK, this week is a ‘thinker’ but worthwhile I hope.

Our lives are filled with people either losing our trust or those trying to win it….and a few more trying to win it back in some cases. In my way of thinking, trust is something that you must earn initially and you must then demonstrate consistently reasons for me to uphold my trust in you….. one strike and you are OUT!

Sounds harsh perhaps but ultimately trust is such a personal thing that you must have clear boundaries, trust is an absolute not a compromise state of being.

We talk about being ‘authentic’ and being ‘trustworthy’ but how do we really go about achieving that ideal. The following video examines the possibility that we might be misunderstanding the basic premise upon which our pursuit and recognition of trust is built. I found it thought provoking and strangely compelling. Delivered in a sober style at the House of Parliament TED talk in June 2013 it was a more than ironic topic for such a talk. I am sure many of the politicians in the audience were squirming in their seats! Politician or not  the talk helps us to refocus our understanding of the most pertinent facet of business, an element so powerful that its loss can signal the demise of an institution almost overnight.

see you on the long and winding road……. Patrick

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