The Long and Winding Road : ‘Who should you impress?’…

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Who should you impress?…

To be successful in any endevour it is useful to have a strong ego. Having a clear idea of one’s strengths and weaknesses is important if one is to develop anything of meaning in the business world. I bet, right now, you are thinking of some former boss or co-worker who had an uncontrolled ego…and a little smile is breaking out across your face! Personally, I am laughing out loud because I have met a good number however there is one who does take the mantle of ‘Biggest Narcissist’ by a country mile. Perhaps you remember someone who is similar, the type of person who gets paired with themselves when they join eHarmony.

I am sure that I have irritated plenty of people at work and been accused of having an ego, having a well developed ego is not a bad thing but dangerous when left unchecked. In content marketing one simply cannot survive if one allows the ego to rule the roost. The very nature of the business means that we perform work for other people to the specification they determine. Being able to advise and guide is the most we can do but sometimes we are commissioned to do work which we just don’t like. Such is commercial business reality.

This is where we must subjugate the ego and remember that we are but conduits for another person’s perspective. If we ever get to the point that we feel we have to impose our ideas on the client , we are doomed as a creative force. The only time we can push for changes in commissioned work is when we have gained trust. If you watch our most recent Vidiotheque by Scot Combs  you will see an excellent explanation of trust and what drives it in clients.

Speaking with authority is a domain inhabited by those who have proved their worth, if you have not done so then don’t even try. Like good comedy, trust is all about the timing.

In the UK at present there is a heated debate going on before a referendum in Scotland which might result in Scotland leaving the UK. Implications are deep and far reaching. The need to educate and garner trust in the population is key in getting the message across.

Watch this clip from a debate which took place this week and you tell me if you don’t want to shout ‘Grow up, boys!!!!!’ at the top of your lungs.

Trust? Give me a break!

You couldn’t make this up, the obvious posturing of the two protagonists demonstrated that beating each other was more important than educating the people. I would not trust either of them to post a letter. Am I better informed? In possession of facts which help me decide? Confident in the leader?  I don’t think so, I am more inclined to switch off and stick with what I know now. They had a chance to adopt a content marketing strategy to their presentations and develop trust however they decided to advertise their soundbites to an increasingly incredulous audience. The audience went from being engaged in the process to being voyeurs at a circus tent. These guys were trying to impress the wrong people in the wrong way. If your company ever falls into posturing like this then put your foot down and slam the brakes on before you lose the people.

see you on the long and winding road…….. Patrick

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