The Long and Winding Road: Why I love my Chromebook…

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Why I love my Chromebook…

During the last summer break I learned a very important lesson, namely that a laptop does not always do well when dropped onto kitchen tile flooring. More specifically, the screen does not enjoy this particular form of extreme sport. Getting the screen replaced is all well and good but naturally the screens were on back order and getting hold of one was a problem.

So what was I to do?

After exhausting my considerable alternative vocabulary to express my extreme frustration I was left with a dilemma. Buy a new laptop and wait for the screen to arrive on back order and then be left with two laptops or do something different. After a chat with my colleagues at 3rd Planet we decided to go the ‘Chromebook’ route, as much of our work is out of the office and often web based.

The said Chromebook arrived via a slick online purchase channel and within five minutes of opening the box I was using it. Those who know me will know I am a fan of ‘idiot proof’ technology, I am not the tech geek who thrives on outwitting the manufacturer and finding ways to use their machines. I like to see a machine which does a fair bit of thinking for me and allows me to do the stuff I am better at.

There are some basic plus points in my opinion, firstly it is light.

The difference between lugging the laptop around on my shoulder and the Chromebook is significant, I am pretty sure I have had heavier foot-long subs than this Chromebook.

Secondly, it is quick.

Lift the screen and the machine comes on and awaits your sign in. From there , everything is quick, precise and well integrated with the plethora of applications available on Google. Say what you like about Google , there is no denying that this concept works smoothly and efficiently. It does what the consumer wants and not what the engineer thinks you should want.

Thirdly, the trimmings are good.

What I mean is , the webcam is HD and integrated, the screen layout is minimalistic but nonetheless intuitive,everything is saved constantly so it is hard to lose any item you are working on.

In short, I doubt whether I will go back to a laptop unless it is for specific purposes in the office. If I am on the road then it is the Chromebook that will be in my bag.

The ability to easily save to the cloud via Google Drive is a huge plus for me, I can access my drive account from my smartphone or any available internet connected computer. The smartphone link for drive is great because , like many people today, the smartphone is my ‘office’.

Thanks to this Chromebook I no longer fuss around with memory sticks when I present talks etc, in fact many times I turn up with no visible signs of presenting anything.

For some high energy and informative thoughts on the Chromebook watch this Revision3    ‘Geek Beat’ presentation…… get a pen and paper ready , there is lots of info coming your way!

see you on the long and winding road…….. Patrick

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