The Long and Winding Road : Will. i. am talks sense

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Will. i. am talks sense… Having recently watched a documentary about Will. i am , I was struck by how much more complex a character he is compared to the game show persona presented in talent shows on tv. No surprise there perhaps but more than the obvious fact that he is clearly more intelligent than your standard ‘pop star’ I came away with a feeling that he is in fact a very clear minded individual who has some fundamentally sound perspectives on the ‘digital life’ we all lead.

Despite his hectic schedule flying across the world , performing at various function etc , he also has time for a local school which he funds to encourage young people in Los Angeles to understand the technologies impacting their lives. He is in effect those children’s ‘angel’ In the following interview, which illustrates one of his latest concepts in performing, he touches on our interaction with technology.

He makes the point we here at 3rd Planet make on a daily basis, that point being that no matter how clever the technology we must understand what is happening and not just be guilty of making things happen. Life happens quickly nowadays and many people are completely overwhelmed by the intensity of the interactions they have. The amount of information which we handle each day is amazingly large and frustratingly much of that information is beyond our control, leading to anxiety and extremist thinking. Always the answers lie in simple human interactions and simple processes which bring us closer to understanding things rather than driving us into a corner of safety manifested by fear and ignorance.

I am no fan of Will. i am’s music but I am a fan of his way of providing education and challenging conventional thinking. Imagine the number of people who have told him he is wrong, imagine the number of mistakes he has made and then observe the success he has had in introducing new thinking to a world which we all share.

see you on the long and winding road….. Patrick

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